Nsa Celebrates Their 7th General Chapter

The General Chapter is a grace filled event for the Congregation.  It is the supreme authority in the Congregation with legislative responsibility in accordance with the Common Law and our Constitutions.  We, Nazareth Sisters, celebrated the above event last year as from 29th November to 21st December 2020.  The event was concluded with the elections of the new Superior General and her Councilors who will govern the Congregation for the next six year.



New and former administration
New and former administration

After many deliberations and discernment, the Chapter capitulates  (Chapter Delegates) came up with a Mandate (Fundamental Call) with these words:

“To Live Radically and Prophetically the Charism and Spirituality of our Founder.”

This fundamental call came up from the aspirations, dreams and visions of individual Sisters and Communities, and it  will guide the Members of the Congregation to embrace the Charism and Spirituality of our Founder in a radical way.



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