What We do

Our Ministries

We, NSA, embrace the mission of Jesus Christ, by empowering and accompanying women, youth and children, through pastoral and social ministries, with special focus on the poor and the less fortunate in the society.
Our main areas of apostolate are:

  • Catechize and hold seminars for different groups of people within the Church.
  • Take care of sacristy.
  • Pray with small Christian Communities.
  • Carry out Parish office duties.
  • Visit and minister to the sick and needy.
  • Carry out any other pastoral activity.
  • Dispensaries.
  • Medical clinics.
  • Hospitals.
  • Mobile clinics & outreaches.
  • Pharmaceuticals.
    • Kindergartens.
    • Primary schools.
    • Secondary schools.
    • Polytechnics.
    • Colleges.
    • Universities.
    • Rehabilitation Centers for the mentally and physically challenged.
    • Care of orphans, elderly and poor in general.
    • Women, youth, children, and families.
    • Secretarial.
    • Accounting & auditing.
    • Administration.
      • Catering.
      • Tailoring.
      • Agriculture.
      • Candle, host-baking & Clothing Industries.
      • Printing & bookshops.