Vocation & Formation

Vocation and Formation

  1.  Recruitment
  • Genuine vocation with the right intention.
  • Freedom of choice, meaning not coerced by anyone.
  • Between 20 and 30 years of age.
  • Comes from a reputable Christian family.
  • Must be a Catholic, baptized, and confirmed. (Converts should have practiced the Catholic faith for at least two years.)
  • Has never been married.
  • Enjoys good health without hereditary diseases or physical deformities.
  • Displays mature character and good conduct.
  • Possesses an open and sincere disposition.
  • Holds at least a minimum grade of C plain and/or equivalent qualifications.
Nazareth Sisters Novices

2. Initial Formation


We, the Nazareth Sisters of the Annunciation, admit into our Congregation a young Catholic woman who is free from canonical impediments, possesses the right intentions, and exhibits the necessary qualities. She should manifest signs of a genuine vocation, good conduct, freedom of choice, and adequate maturity required to adapt to religious life within a community of women.

Our Pre-novitiate comprises both stages of Aspirancy and Postulancy;

3. Ongoing Formation

  • Spiritual courses/workshops
  • Sabbatical programs
  • Retreats