After taking Perpetual vows, the official formation has ended but we keep in mind that God’s action intended to move us towards perfection has no end.  Each Sister in our community therefore accepts to undertake whatever is proposed in order to assist her in her ongoing formation in all dimensions of her life:  human, spiritual, religious, doctrinal, apostolic and professional.  We the NSA undertake the following exercises in order to strengthen our Spiritual Life.

  1. Use of Daily Liturgy which is centered around the Eucharist and the Word of God.
  2. We make use of Study Weeks, Seminars, Workshops, Retreats, Recollection days, Lessons and Conferences
  3. A Retreat for 8 days in a year may be preached or directed based on Scripture, psychology, sociology, human development and other useful subjects.
  4. Conferences,
  5. Sabbatical Courses and other Spiritual Renewal courses may be given to members on   request or as deemed necessary to an individual by the Superiors.