This period, which is part ongoing formation, comprises 6 Years.   It begins with the first profession, whereby a Novice professes for one year, and renews her vows annually for the next two years.  After the first three years, if she continues to show commitment and seriousness in her life, she is then approved to renew her vows for the remaining three years.  Each year before the renewal of vows, each Junior Sister submits to the Superior General a written declaration of intention. 

During this time, the Junior Sisters are placed under the guidance of a Junior Directress, who helps them to advance in the way of Evangelical Counsels and though fraternal living and apostolic involvement.  In this way, a Junior Sister strengthens her bond of love and loyalty to our Congregation.

After six years, with consultation with the relevant members in the Congregation, a Junior Sister who is approved to continue with the life, is admitted to the Final Profession after undergoing remote and intensive preparations as stated in our Book of Constitutions.